About Us

The Vision 


Unfortunately quality timber has become a thing of the past. Once upon a time and quality table would last generations, however though the influence of MDF, Chip Board and Veneer timber, the quality of furniture, interiors and table tops has been compromised in-return for affordability and price. Go Natural timbers have the vision to re-introduce the art and craftsmanship back into working with timber and timber products. Natural timber has amazing beauty and no two timber slabs are the same; each having their unique qualities, features and grain lines. 

The Timber 


Go Natural Timbers sources the best quality and grade timber from around NSW and Australia. The timber is not sourced from forest tree lopping, but rather milled from re-claimed timber logs, fallen trees or urban approved tree removals. All excess lumber from milling is either recycled or used by the millers to make firewood and other timber products. We stock many species, which include: Red Gum, Blue Gum, Iron Bark, Spotted Gum, Mahogany,  Woolybutt, Blackbutt, Tallowood, Yellow Box, Camphor laurel, Lemon Scented Gum , Jarrah,  Cedar and more 

The Yard 


Our Yard currently stores over 1000 slabs, green and seasoned. There is a large variety of Timber slabs. All the timbers have natural grain and some clean, while others have variable degrees of character and feature. They can be used for Tables, Kitchen benches, seats, wall units, bed heads, Bar table, BBQ area table, outdoor tables and seating, feature tables, or anything your imagination takes you. We hold various sizes which include:

Widths: 200mm to 1200mm,

Lengths: 1500mm to 6000mm,

Thicknesses: 40mm to 70mm