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Shelving  // Bedrooms Vanities  // Kitchens  // Bar tops  // Coffee tables  // Dinning tables  // TV Units // Stair Treads 

Timber Slab

Timber Slab

Green and Seasoned

Various Slab Species

Various Slab Species

Range of sizes and species

Dinning Table Size Slabs

Dinning Table Size Slabs

Over 1m Wide!

Timber Planning

Timber Planning

We offer timber dressing and sanding solutions. When timber is milled, when dry it needs to be planned and sanded to bring up the natural grain.

Coating and Finishing

Coating and Finishing

We offer timber dressing including coating and finished with a varnish of your choice: Matt, Satin or Gloss.

Custom Made Furniture

Custom Made Furniture

Variety if custom slab furniture

Timber Seasoning and Sales

Our Yard currently stores over 1000 slabs, green and seasoned. Customer can either purchase raw timber for DIY projects. There is a large variety of Timber slabs. All the timbers have natural grain and some clean, while others have variable degrees of character and feature. They can be used for Tables, Kitchen benches, seats, wall units, bed heads, Bar table, BBQ area table, outdoor tables and seating, feature tables, or anything your imagination takes you. 


We stock many species, which include: Red Gum, Blue Gum, Iron Bark, Spotted Gum, Mahogany,  Woolybutt, Blackbutt, Tallowood, Yellow Box, Camphor laurel, Lemon Scented Gum , Jarrah,  Cedar and more 


We hold various sizes which include:

Widths: 200mm to 1200mm,

Lengths: 1500mm to 6000mm,

Thicknesses: 40mm to 70mm

Custom Timber Slab Tables and Burls

If you like a timber slab or burl... we can do the work for you! Go Natural Timbers prides itself in being able to provide amazing looking tables and furniture from Australian timber that will last a life time! All timber projects are customised to the customer’s specifications and liking. Customers are able to choose the raw timber from out yard and then have it made into an amazing piece of craftsmanship and artwork. The timber and finishes can range from A-grade finishes to Rustic finishes. 

Timber Levelling, Surfacing and Dressing

Levelling and surfacing a timber requires precision work and skill. We offer professional timber levelling and surfacing on timber slabs using the wood wiz slab machine, which is able to router level, sand and cut slabs to desired specification.


The wood wiz is a pioneer machine which is able to provide A-grade levelling, cutting and finishing. All custom orders are completed using the Wood Wizz. 


Dressing and Coating is according to client specifications.

Finishes include:

Polyurethane: Gloss, Satin or Matt 

Marine Grade: Gloss, Satin or Matt 

Oils: Tung oil ot Danish Oil


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With over 1000 slabs to choose from!
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